After Apple presents its new language for developing, I have been doubting about which language will be the best option to choose to develop my new projects.

Due to the short life of the language, I decided to choose Objective-c for my latest projects, but for my new project I thinked Swift is a quite used language and maybe a good option to develop it.

I have been studing the new syntax and I think is a good change with regard to objective-c. I really like the syntax, not having to use the h file and the playground among other interesting things, and these are the reasons to choose Swift to my new project.

The problems started when my project began to be complicated. When I was searching the solution to a complex problem, all the examples were in Objective-C, and only a few times I found the solution in Swift. That is a very big problem when you are really busy with the deadline and you don’t need make experiments with your precious time.

On the other hand, a lot of tutorials about the new technologies like Apple Pay, are written in Swift and the problem is find the information in objective-c. A really crazy moment to be developer on the Apple Ecosystem.

I’m not totally sure about the language of my new project, but I thing it’s time to make the leap and try Swift. Maybe will be complicated in some points, but I thing the path will be enriching.

If you have any experience on this subject, I will be happy to listen and learn from it.